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Dia.8m PC Dome House for Lounge or Recreation

Shelter offer Polycarbonate Dome House with a diameter of 8m covering 50 m2 ground for sale. It is decorated with installed automatic ventilation window, and folding door. We also sells polycarbonate dome and glass dome in diameter from 4m to 10m. Welcome to contact with us to custom made a dome or get more deatails of it.

Feature Of the PC Dome House

Let along UV retardant, waterproof, and fire retardant, the polycarbonate dome house is also: 1.Crack resistance; Well performance on crack resistant and ductility.
2.Anti-Aging; No shows of cracking even if being used for over 10 years.
3.Light transmission; PC board's translucency can be comparable to glass.
4.Impact Resistance; Can withstand stronger impact when compared to glass panel or arcrylic panels.
5.Soundproofed; PC boards are mostly used in highway noise barriers.
6.Lower Thermal conductivity; It is conducive to maintaining the indoor temperature in winter or summer.
7.Against extreme weather; Even in the harsh environment, its mechanical properties were no significant changes.