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Big Top Circus Tent with An Heavy-duty Framework

The differences between a simple wooden canvas tent and a heavy-duty frame tent are as followed:
  • Clearspan aluminum framework. Clearspan big top circus tent from SHELTER is framed with hard-pressed aluminum alloy (T6061 / T6), showing the features of stainless, anti-corrupted and long-lasting. Meanwhile, no support beams or columns are set inside the tent, to ensure an unobstructed view to the main stage.
  • PVC roofing tarpaulin. The circus tent is covered with tensile PVC coated polyester tent tarp on both roof and sidewall. The tent tarp is not only foldable, reusable. Most importantly, it has the features of waterproof, sun blocking that the canvas tent cannot compare with.
  • Modular expanded. The most highlighted advantage of a modular structure is unlimitedly expandable on size. Shelter offers the circus tent for sale in widths from 10m - 60m, and no limitation to the length to build small/big circus tent.
  • Firmly fixed. Rather than fixing a tent on all kinds ground with only ropes and anchors, SHELTER has developed a complete fixation system for firmly installing tents on different ground condition. With the use of a proper fixation method, the circus tent is 100km/h - 120km/h (60 - 75 MPH) wind withstand.
  • Movable and relocatable The aluminum circus tent with a strong framework is not only robust, but also dismountable and reinstallable to provide convenience for circus tour.
  • Temporary/Semi-permanent Large Circus Tent Solution for Theme/Amusement Park

    As a professional and experienced event tents manufacturer, SHELTER has designed circus marquee in multiple different shapes. Other than the traditional high peak big top circus tent with hexagonal octagonal decagonal sides, more tent design such as the class"A" Frame tent, and geodesic dome tent can also be made for performance or art show. Moreover, Chinese hat gazebo tents are also available to make outdoor recreation or beverage booths.
    What's more, red and white, or colorful tent tarp can also be custom made to arouse the feeling of happiness and joy instantly.