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As a glamping complex facing all travelers, it is supposed to offer diverse accommodation solutions according to its capacity and facilities to satisfy consumers with various requirements. A forest campsite that we participate in constructing could be the project for reference. The glamping lodge is located in a subtropical monsoon climate zone. It is warm and humid throughout the year, with plenty of sunshine, hot temperatures, and abundant rainfall in summer. With the installation of different accommodation types, there are standard domes for couples and luxury tented suites for family stay.

Accommodation Solutions for Glamping tents hotel

Dwell dome and ellipsoid oval dome for standard double rooms

The ellipsoid tent is a new product that was developed based on the dome. They are both the steel structures that frame with powder-coated steel pipes. The profile could effectively prevent rust problems caused by long-term exposure. The spherical tents are available in diameters of 6 meters, 7 meters as well as 8 meters, with total areas from ​​28 sqm to 50 sqm square meters. And in this project, our client chooses the dia.6m one. The oval dome tent measures 5 meters x 8 meters, with a total area of ​​31 square meters. The two designs both equipped with bedrooms, bathrooms, seating areas, a large bay window, and a clear skylight window. Equipped with insulation cotton layer, it is more comfortable and livable no matter summer or winter.

Glass dome house for a luxury double suite

Different from the dwell domes mentioned above, the glass dome house is framed with aluminum alloy ( T6061/T6 ) and covered with glass panel plates. No matter which angles looking out from, you can fully enjoy a panoramic view of the breathtaking scenery. We offer glass domes of 6-30 meters in diameter for not only habitation but also for dining reception, and event hospitality.

Triple-peak lodge tent for deluxe double/family suite.

The triple-peak tent composed of three 3.6m regular hexagons covers a total area of 96square meters. It is the luxurious double suite or a family suite for 2-4 people glamping stay. The tensile fabric covered on top forms a wide viewing platform and activities area. It includes one bedroom, one large living room and a bathroom. Kids could play outdoor while parents make barbecues.

Dining, Cafe and reception tents

In addition to the accommodation facilities, the dome tents can group up to make dining and activity areas. The dome combination of 5 meters, 6 meters, and 10 meters construct entertainment area. It applies aisles to separate functional areas creates a reception front desk and cafe, children's activity area, and yoga classroom. For more products and details, please visit